Simple Push Demo

Enable push notifications

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Supported Content Encodings

A change to the web push spec moves browsers from aesgcm to aes128gcm content encoding.

To determine which is supported in the current browser you can view PushManager.supportedContentEncodings.

Below is the list of supported encodings.

CURL Command

Download the binary payload file. Run the terminal from the folder where the payload.bin file has been downloaded. Copy and paste the following CURL command into your terminal to send a push message to this browser.

Push from a Server

Some push services don't allow CORS. So you can't make a network request directly from the browser. That's why this demo uses a CORS proxy server under the hood to forward push message to push endpoint. To send a push message to this browser, you need to make a network request from your server with the following pieces of info (this is essentially a breakdown of the CURL command above):

Endpoint URL
Request Headers
Request Body

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